The Importance of Spectacle


A performance by Paddy Steer in a local bar illustrating the effective use of visual spectacle.


As part of HELOpg I presented at iFIMPaC regarding the SlimeSystem and LiveCoding within the SlimeSystem.

The presentation pdf can be found here.

Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana Performance of Human Shredders

The Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana performed Human Shredders on Thursday 14th of November. You can see and hear the performance online on Ustream. (Human Shredders at 15:30).

You can find out more about Human Shredders at

ICMC 2012 Day 3

So today was the day that I presented my paper along with Alex Harker, you can find the details of the paper on this page.

Presentation went well and was fun to do with a great performance by Alex.

Skipped the formal banquet and instead enjoyed a meal in a small restaurant where the waiter refused our order and insisted on bring his own choices instead. Turned out to be very good and eventually left and unintentionally gate crashed a 21st birthday.

The rain fall was however epic with almost as much rain bouncing up as down.

Also arranged some interviews for theAudioPodcast and ate lunch with some friends from previous ICMCs.

ICMC 2012 Day 1

The first day of talks today, with a great livecoding paper session with highlights including looking at Gibber and recent additions to ChucK. Followed up by a TOPLAP lunch and a discussion of all things livecoding.

Later in the evening I sat through an entire concert which had a typical mix of great and not so great moments. Was fun to hear Julio D’escriván livecoding in IXI lang, though the concert featured some Chuckle brother-esque stage craft from the technical team and a near performance disaster.

Ljubjana continues to amaze with its friendliness and the sun shines on which is nice and the food is great enjoyed a kebab and pizza today. Another great find is the home made style lemonade which comes very sharp but with suger so you can sweeten to taste.

Anyway day 1 survived on to day 2…..

ICMC 2012 Day 2

An interesting early paper session today looking at analysis and synthesis followed up by some good demos including a detailed look at Gibber.

Lunch with the TOPLAP crew (who launched the new web site design today) was good before getting to the Improv paper session.

Then off to the Improv papers which were very interesting even if my glass exploded mid session.

Enjoyed an afternoon off doing some preparation for tomorrows paper session.

Returned to the Jazz club which was open and had a great time including the birth of a new super cool project, code name TEX.

Day 2, no music, survived.

ICMC 2012 Day 0

Today the only formal activity is the evening concert so had another explore of the city including the castle and the side of the city further away. Also retraced some of the previous evening explorations in the daylight.

Enjoyed some incredible pizza, in fact all the food has been amazing and lots of ice tea and fresh lemonade.

ICMC 2012 Day -1

I am at the International Computer Music Conference this week in Ljubljana Slovenia, online at .

I am here to present a paper later in the week so plan to check out the city and have a little bit of a holiday as well.

Had a little wander about and found some incredible food a fun city thoug things closed quiet early.

Symposium on Laptop Ensembles and Orchestras 2012 Report

So early this month I had the opportunity to attend the Symposium on Laptop Ensembles and Orchestras SLEO at LSU in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

I was there to listen to a performance of Human Shredders played by the Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana and also to present my own personal paper *Notational Approaches for Laptop Ensembles *and a HELOpg poster as well.

You can download the HELOpg Paper and the Notational Approaches for a Laptop Ensemble Paper and the presentation is also available online.

Finally as part of the Symposium I had the opportunity to appear on a pannel entitled Play Something Crazy…Now: Improvisation as a Tool in Composing for Laptop Orchestras Jeff Albert, chair which was very interesting.

Slime System

So for the start of this year I have been developing a ChucK based system for integration in the HELOpg Slime system.

You can see my current code on GitHub,

The code still requires a little more tidying but is fully functional for use within the HELOpg Slime system. It also facilities using OSC within ChucK by creating a static public class for sending OSC making it very memory efficient and much quicker to live code with.

The HELOpg extension defines the currently active ip address and automatically sends all OSC message to all Slime computers.